MD MSc FRCS (Urol)

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I am a Consultant Urological Surgeon specialising in Reconstructive Surgery and an Honorary Associate Professor in the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at University College London. I am globally recognised as a renowned expert in Urethral Stricture disease.


I have particular expertise in all areas of urethral reconstruction, prostate cancer treatment complications and male urinary incontinence, and complex urological fistular repair. Apart from this niche specialist surgery, I care greatly about improving the outcomes of women suffering recurrent cystitis and bladder irritability, and have great interest in the emerging knowledge of the urinary biotone, promoting supportive treatment options which avoid antibiotic over treatment. As well as this I also treat other general urological conditions in men and women. 


I work closely with my Physiotherapy Colleagues in both the NHS and private practices to help patients presenting with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and referred pain patterns into genitalia. 


I am the Organiser of the GURS-Masterclass, an annual state-of-the-art international meeting that includes live surgery, aimed to promote and advance best practice in the field of Urology.