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Mr Rick Popert Patient - March 2021

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Hopefully my matter is drawing to a successful conclusion and there are some thanks I would like to make.

Firstly to you Nikki, over the years I have found your easy manner, accessibility and ability to listen to me going on about my problems most helpful. Unlike the usual Practice Managers. Your attitude has always been helpful and approachable. Thank you. As for Edna she is 'simply the best.' To have someone so knowledgeable, professional and caring like her always available has meant that worries I may have had, have been addressed immediately. If she doesn't answer her phone promptly then she has always telephoned me back within a very short time. Her aftercare has been of the highest standard and she is obviously a vital part of your 'top team.'

To her, you and of course Mr. Popert I extend my heartfelt thanks.


Mr Rick Popert Patient

I am writing to thank you and the team at London Bridge Urology for the treatment and care I have received in recent weeks. As you know, when I came to see you in November, I was suffering a mixture of disbelief and fear. With three children, two under 5, I was scared about the consequences of the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Through very straightforward and thorough explanation of my condition and the recommended treatment, you were able to reassure me that this was a challenge but not a 'death sentence'.

The professionalism of the whole team was important in providing this reassurance: Nikki and Anthony for their calm administration; yourself, Dr Morris and Edna Dwyer for the very evident medical expertise; Dr Sicinski and his anesthetic team for ensuring I was unable to admire first-hand your surgical skills (and those of Da Vinci!) I particularly appreciate that you tried three times to contact me to talk through the post-operative biopsy results and that Edna provided constant support and reassurance during the first week after surgery. I know that you all have more than enough to do, but no-one seemed rushed or impatient, even when the same question was asked several times.

A month after the operation, I have now been back at work for two weeks and exactly a month after the operation I enjoyed my first run. If progress continues, I plan to use my already allocated place in the London Marathon in April (using the opportunity to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Charity). I recognize that the PSA test early next month will provide a better indication of whether the problem has been fully dealt with, but if that throws up new challenges I now feel I have the confidence and energy to take them on. Thank you.

Mr Rick Popert Patient

I had HoLEP surgery by Mr Peter Acher recently. I was taken care of like a King! The surgery was under general anaesthesia. I felt no pain at all throughout the post op recovery apart from mild irritation due to the catheter. Thankfully I had none of the expected HoLEP side effects, no doubt as a direct result of the exceptional surgical skills of Mr Acher. He was in and out without leaving a trace. I now have a flow to rival any 15 year old. I found Mr Acher to be very knowledgeable, thorough, empathetic, with excellent bedside manners. He had explained the surgery and the possible downsides very clearly. Should have had the surgery years ago! I thoroughly recommend him.

Mr Peter Acher Patient

Dear Rob

How time flies, it doesn’t seem like 3 1/2 months since I had the SpaceOAR inserted.  I just wanted to let you know that I had the 20 Radiotherapy sessions and, unlike most of my fellow ‘travellers’ on that route, I didn’t experience any bowel problems at all. I have now had a PSA test and it would appear that the cancer has gone. I just want to say 'Thank You’ to you and to Rick Popert for helping me through what was an emotional journey. Thank you

Mr Rick Popert Patient

The Team at London Bridge Urology is outstanding. The anxiety, apprehension and fear of a persistently rising PSA (over 4 years), biopsies, transurethral resection of the prostate and brachytherapy has been much more than bearable. A first for a member of my family for which a choice of professionals required to be made. Having come through the process, I can see that I could not possibly have received better care anywhere else. That very assurance received from a friend (who was at that time where I am now in recovery) is wholly vindicated. Mr Popert (Rick to me) has become a friend too, as has Nikki Lewis (who shares my weakness for M & S chocolate truffles), Alex Krastanov, Luke Saville and Rob Walker. Dr Stephen Morris’s calmness discussing cancer treatment was a great comfort. The anaesthesiology skills of Dr Paul Kelly and Dr Marcin Sicinski beat my insomnia hands down. The nursing care was magnificent. All have been engaged and thoroughly committed to ushering me through the process, keeping me comprehensively informed about tests, medicines and  surgical procedures; difficult work performed with patience, sensitivity, great kindness and good humour to boot. The hospital accommodation with its view of the City - 5 star. Treatment has been excellent. Mercifully life continues. My family and I cannot thank them enough.

Phillip | Mr Rick Popert Patient - November 2020

I'm a Registered Osteopath working in Croydon Surrey and have been suffering urination issues for about eight years. Slowly at first but gradually getting worse. Typical man, I'd put off getting anything done because I felt my work was more important and I could wait and of course I was righted I'd never be able to get an erection again after the operation! I also got used to sitting on the loo watching youtube waiting to pee! It was my normal! I'd had sepsis from a prostate biopsy at another hospital and was referred to Guy's Urology Department by my GP however the pandemic put that on the back burner and I was looking at minimum two year wait. I considered going private so I did a Google search of all the top Urologists in the U.K.. Mr Rick Popert came up at London Bridge Hospital. Not only was he one of the best in the U.K. he was only half an hour away by train and he was head of Urology at Guy's who had already scanned me. A quick enquiry on the costs, which were within my budget and a lot cheaper than I'd expected, and after a discussion with my partner I was convinced me this was the man to see. London Bridge Urology were extremely efficient. Once I had contacted them and expressed interest in the operation everything ran at a pace of knots! Not rushed just efficient. A zoom call was arranged with Mr Popert so that he could discuss what he thought the best option was for me. I'd already settled on HOLEP Laser surgery after talking to one of his staff at Guy's so it was a simple matter of him explaining why it was the best option for me. Mr Popert is an extremely gentle man and you couldn't be in safer hands. All my fears were put to rest (I'm a terrible patient!) and arrangements made for pre-op tests and a date for the operation. The pre-op tests were a lot more than I had expected but very thorough. The Nurse was exceptional but I did laugh when he did the PCR test as it made me sneeze and he was halfway out the door! Really nice man though and knew his job back to front. Three days later I presented at the Urology Department which is at the top of Guy's Cancer wing. I got taken to my room which was a step up from what I'm used to! Catering (Ismail) took my orders for my meals over the next couple of days I was given various items to wear for the operation. Dr Whitely the Anaesthetist came and did the pre-checks and talked me through the procedure. Then about twenty minutes before my operation Mr Popert came for a chat which put me at ease and before I knew it I was in the operating theatre. It may sound daft but my one big fear of hospitals is a cannula. I hate them! However, Dr Whitely inserted it completely pain free! Then all I recall is waking up. I had no pain. A catheter was inserted with water flushing me out. This was left in overnight and the next morning Nurse Judith removed it which smarted a bit but we were still friends after! By lunchtime I had urinated three times producing copious amounts very quickly. It felt so strange to spend seconds on the toilet rather than half an hour! Mr Popert visited again and said I could go home that day. So as much as I was enjoying the rest, I went home just after lunch. Since then everything that they said would occur in my recovery has taken place and I'm going from strength to strength. I've had no negatives from the operation other than a mild post operation infection which hasn't affected me to any great degree and treated with antibiotics. I've had no stress incontinence and my erections came back two days after the operation (not that I feel ready for that yet). In short Mr Popert is a genius Surgeon! I couldn't be happier with the results and if you're at all worried about having this procedure done I'd be more than happy to discuss it with you and hopefully allay your fears. As Delboy would say "You know it makes sense!"

Simon | Mr Rick Popert Patient - March 2021


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